DIY Dog Costume- Ty Beanie Baby

Hey guys! Halloween is just around the corner and we are feeling the crunch! With two dog costumes in the bag, we’ve saved our most our biggest challenge for last. Hazel is not a dog that likes to dress up, pose for pictures, or even stand still for more than about two seconds!

We needed a costume that was cheap, easy, and most of all non-invasive to our dog. Boy, did we find the perfect outfit to satisfy all you nostalgic millennials out there! Does anyone remember those small, plush, animals that your dad swore were going to pay for your college tuition someday?

That’s right. We turned Hazel into a life-sized Ty Beanie Baby! And you can do the same for your doggy. You’ll only need a few items:


  • Ty logo (printed)
  • white felt
  • red felt
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors




Print out your Ty logo and use it to trace and cut a classic heart shape from your piece of red felt. Once you have your red, felt heart, cut the ‘T’ and ‘y’ from your printed Ty logo. Use the letters to trace and cut the word Ty from your white felt.

To be honest, we forgot to print off our Ty logo, but we free-handed our felt pieces and it worked just fine.

Once you have all your felt pieces cut, you can use your hot glue gun and glue your letters onto your felt heart. We added gold trim around the heart to really make it pop!

After you’ve let your glue dry, you can punch a hole in the top of your heart and use a piece of red ribbon to attach the costume to your doggo’s collar.

We found this costume was easy and just perfect for our high-energy dog. She barely notices it’s on, and…



She ate it.


Just kidding!