Meet The Crew

Hi there! You probably already know us. We’re the weird couple in your neighborhood. You know, the couple that’s racing down the street behind a pack of excited dogs. The couple who dresses their cat up for Halloween. The couple who owns rats and a bunny. Yeah, we’re that couple.

But if you’re reading this you’re probably not interested in hearing about us. You want to know about ones with the whiskers. The pets. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our pack:


Alvin 1234
The old man of the bunch. This guy might be a bit of a grump-think Walter Matthau ala Grumpy Old Men-and he’s the only dog I’d want in my corner during a kerfuffle. He’s chased off stray dogs twice his size who had the gall to mess with his pack. But under all the gruff, he’s also a diva.

Seriously, if a dog could have too much personality I think Alvin would take home the crown, just not the cake, he’s a picky eater. We adore Alvin so we go along with his antics which include letting this Schnauzer organize his own photoshoot! And, He loves to accessorize. Hats, scarves, vests, maybe a little dye in his mohawk. This pup likes to stand out in the crowd!



The only cat in the bunch, but Fawkes can hold his own. He has dreams, though. This feline loves to croon. Often, late at night, he’ll wander the hallways serenading us with is cool, dulcet tones.

Most days, the scratching post is where you’ll find him, or maybe a cool window sill. He loves to watch the world go round. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, Fawkes may even let you pet him!



This dog.

She. Has. Energy.

Grab hold of her leash, slap on a pair of rollerblades and she could sled-dog you across the Metroplex. Not that we’ve ever tried that…

What else does Hazel enjoy? Well, there’s food, and uh… food. Did I mention she likes food? Like seriously, don’t leave your dinner unattended with this girl in the house!



Zeus- The Mutt with a Butt! Zeus is a pup of simple tastes. He likes a nice patch of crabgrass to munch on, a few squirrels to chase. That’s all he really asks for in life.

Like all pets, he has his hidden talents, though. Zeus is a dancer, and he can pirouette with the best of them. Especially if there’s pizza or EOS lip balm around. Those fragrant godsends are kind of his muse.



She’s aloof and mysterious like a proper lady should be. The only thing not so proper about her is her love of booty scratches. Her cage clean-up makes for a great batch of compost for the garden, too. While she’s not a big fan of all humans she loooves cats.  

The Girls- Finn & Rey

rey and finn

It’s hard to believe that these ladies were about to be snake food until they were saved by a wonderful animal rescue group (along with snakes!). That’s where we found them and adopted them. Now they live in our bedroom, and they get all the yogurt treats they want.

So that’s the family! We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know us!