DIY Halloween Dog Costume- Sassy Memaw!

We here at Whiskers Gone Wild think it’s always a good idea to channel your inner sass! The cashier at Payless is trying to say that BOGO coupon is expired? Bring on the sass!

Drive-thru at McDonald’s is claiming their out of coffee at eleven AM? Oh, you’re gonna need some sass…

But, sometimes in life, you need a sass muse, and when we’re looking for inspiration we turn to our boy Zeus.

That’s why we thought this costume would be perfect for him:

The Sassy Memaw

This costume is cheap, fun, and easy. It can be made with a few things you probably have lying around the house.

You’ll need:

  • Hair rollers
  • a pair of old sunglasses
  • a scarf or bandanna

Once you’ve collected these the directions are simple. Put them on your dog. Get your camera ready, and let the good times roll…


Get in the car. Mama’s got some shopping to do! 



O-M-G. They got two for one Pupparonis at the Targay! 


Get that camera outta my face! 


I’m over this now.